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Received in Lincolnshire, England on April 5, 2020 to the room of Sugar Motta, courtesy of Aiden Dunn:

Normally whenever I look for a birthday present for you, I always look for something slightly flashy, something that’s immediately eye catching, and even better if it’s something you have to look at a couple of times to fully appreciate it, because that’s how I always think of you. This time it was so much easier, and I didn’t really have to look too much farther than a few stores in Time’s Square. I saw these, and I, of course, immediately thought of you and your upcomming adventure.

The charm bracelet is, well, rather obviously what it’s for. But since I’m sure you’ll find a few things along the way that you might want to ad, I made there that there were spaces for you to add your own charms, should you want to. The jeweler assured me that  it should be simple to add some on, and if not, then I’m sure you could find someone to help.

The book, I’ll admit, I only glanced though, but what really struck me was the quote. You’ve certainly be on some interesting adventures since the time I’ve known you [did you think of Mexico too?], and you’re about to go on an even bigger one. Out of everyone I know [and well, Santana, but I’m sure you know how I mean], you’re one of the few I know who’s getting a chance to follow their passion all the way around the world. I hope you find some amazing adventures while you’re off charming the entire world [you’ve already charmed the US, so I’m sure it won’t be too hard], and I look forward to reading all about them. (:

I was going to wish you an incredibly time, but I’m sure we both know that you’ll have one. So, with that, I’ll simply say I’ll see you soon.

Happy birthday!


Rachel, Az, and Avi.



Received in Lincolnshire, England on April 5, 2020 to the room of Sugar Motta, courtesy of Aiden Dunn:


I’m sorry this is a few days late, you already know why. It’s no excuse though, because a friend like you should never slip my mind. You’re an amazing human being, and it’s been a privilege to be your friend and learn and grow with you over the years. You’re an incredible person, and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. 

For the girl who has everything, I’m giving you a gift that’s just a bit self serving. Take a photo – take a million – in every place you go. I want to see them all one day when we meet up again. And I want to hear all about your crazy adventures. This is for the girl who stormed into Dalton in her Warblerette uniform and owned it. For the soul who found herself when she thought she was lost. For the woman who became an amazing mother. For the lady who’s going to take the world by storm.

Happy Birthday, Sugar!

You’ll always be Little Miss Badass to me.

Jeff Sterling

TTFN (Ta Ta, For Now) || Self Para


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If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
Drunken Lullabies
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If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly

"So when in doubt just call my name
Just before you go insane
If I ever leave this world
Hey I may never leave this world
But if I ever leave this world alive”

Text || Sugarman

Puck: Well you're a Puckerman by association biff, don't doubt it for a second.
Puck: Uh... yes?
Puck: Lets be honest, who wouldn't bend that rule?
Sugar: I hope you mean that.
Sugar: ...ugh. I knew it.
Sugar: I love you, Puck. The plane is coming for us right now.
Sugar: I picture the biggest bear hug of my life right now from you.
Sugar: Maybe even a kiss, if you're lucky.
Sugar: See you on the other side, biff.
Sugar: <3

And with that…


I’m counting on that. And that’s good. I’m really happy for you, Sugar. And I’m serious about waiting for those postcards. You’re definitely going to have to update me on Maddie and yourself’s super exciting lives.


Trust me, you’re not getting rid of us that easily! Expect a postcard or five, my dear! Nothing less than the best for Aunt Harmony..and one of my very best friends.

“Watching days and moving on. You wake up every Monday, then suddenly it’s Sunday, and the week is gone. So till the morning breaks, go and make your mistakes. Don’t be surprised at the sunrise. Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive.”

—Bethany J. Galeotti 

Leaving Town Alive by Bethany Joy Lenz
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Leaving Town Alive by Bethany Joy Lenz

Text || Mottason

Finn: Well that goes without saying, of course I will!
Finn: Wise words, Miss Motta. ;) Oh I'm sure it'll be a whole new experience for you.
Finn: You and I both know that's not entirely true, but thank you Sugar. :) I am, and I can't disagree on that one. Well you'd better make it back from your trip for it then.
Finn: Of course I'd be in a tux. Why wouldn't I?
Sugar: You and me both know that's completely true! A Motta never lies! It's in a history book somewhere those exact words, mister!
Sugar: JUST CHECKING. Just making sure you weren't taking it casual or not.
Sugar: People do that you know.
Sugar: Casual weddings.
Sugar: Ha.
Sugar: Ha.

Text || Sugurt

Kurt: Awful example.
Kurt: Well, I can always link you to items in my line that I think would look good on you and that you should wear during appearances. ;) And, you know, I won't say no to a little namedropping from Miss Sugar Motta herself.
Sugar: Done, done, done. Please do! I wouldn't mind that in the slightest. :)

Text || Mottaling

Jeff: I think I give you just the right amount of credit, and barely that.
Jeff: Thank you though, I appreciate it.
Jeff: Yeah, yeah everything's okay. Work's just kicking things up a notch or twelve right now. As soon as things cool down you better believe that you, me and that little lady have a Skype date. Just uh, just give it a bit, then I'll be there. You'll be able to tell me all about your travels then.
Sugar: Jeff Sterling, I tell you this too much, but you're going to be a great husband.
Sugar: I can't wait for that day, but I so understand. Things will be a bit busy on this end for a bit as well. Maybe when Maddie officially starts begging me, we can make that wish come true. I can't wait. Something tells me I'll have a lot to tell you. :)

Text || Sugarman

Puck: Hell yes, and you would enjoy that with them.
Puck: Damn straight. That will be us. I did not like it ... Okay maybe a little. Uhh yeah and then once they were together they couldn't keep their hands off each other all over your house. Piddle complained about being locked in a closet once.
Sugar: I'd be squeezed in the middle of them. A Puckerman sandwich. :)
Sugar: Wait, what?! They better not!
Sugar: I remember I gave them strict orders not to have sex in my house..something tells me that they probably bent that rule when they were puppy-sitting.


Happy birthday biff, may you record all your adventures here, talk to me in this journal. Once you return I will read every page and imagine living those adventures with you. Remember we still have more adventures to go through together so return to me safely. I love you.


Text || Sugar

Dave: Hope you had a good birthday weekend. You deserve it.
Sugar: You, sir, are fantastic. :) I had a blast, thank you.